About Artist

Laurel Cook Lhowe has been drawing since she was three years old having inherited artistic ability from her father whose career was in advertising. Drawing and painting have been a part of her life ever since.

During high school summers, she gave art lessons to youngsters in her family home in Green Pond, NJ. This was a valuable experience since she realized her future was not as an art teacher. After studying art and biology at Fairleigh Dickenson University Laurel moved to Boston and worked for a few years at an advertising agency. This did not prove to be creative enough so she moved to Pittsfield, MA and worked as an artist for Eaton Paper designing note cards and stationery. A year later Laurel returned to Boston and began the study of medical illustration. For the next thirty years, she worked as a freelance medical illustrator. Her illustrations appear in numerous orthopedic and ophthalmological surgical textbooks, medical journals, The Dictionary of Cultural Literacy and the American Heritage Dictionary.

Her devotion to painting waxed and waned according to the amount of freelance work she undertook and the sweet demands of a family. During this time Laurel worked in oil often in a fantasy-based style.

About seventeen years ago Laurel made a decision to devote more time to painting, to study egg tempera technique and also better master acrylics. The extraordinary colors and forms of nature have always caught her eye. Vibrant landscapes are the perfect foil to black and white medical illustration. There is a conflict between the drive for detail and a desire towards abstraction in her work. She finds peace in nature, takes photos as springboards but prefers to work inside rather than plein air.


Laurel has been a member of the Depot Square Gallery, the Cambridge Art Association, and the Lexington Arts and Crafts Association. She has many paintings in homes around the country and also in corporate offices. Laurel continues to paint, recently finding much inspiration in the Lake Champlain region of VT. She has a studio on Grand Isle, VT and in Cambridge, MA. Laurel hopes you enjoy looking at the Gallery and Archives.